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The Tooth Fairy Is a (Busy) Slacker

Posted By on Aug 27, 2015

Both boys sat in front of me at the breakfast bar this morning. I asked them normal questions about their night—“Did you sleep well? Did you dream? What did the purple minion do?”—as I turned to stare at the coffee pot.… Read More
Homework Returns So it’s back. Homework. I mean, I knew it would come back around, but I just wasn’t ready. I feel that’s a going theme with school so far this year. “I’m not ready.” (And yet, I’m not even the one in school.) On the first afternoon the boys both brought home homework, my husband was working his 24-hour shift so I got to tackle the dual-help on my own.… Read More
Insomnia While Marathon Training You guys. I just want to sleep. I cannot. I try. I fail. Rinse repeat. While I’m working on taking care of the issue, my running totally took a hit this week. I slogged through two short runs for the Columbus Marathon, took a couple of days off, and then found myself faced with the choice of my mid-length run of seven miles or the long run of 15 miles.… Read More