Family Picture Outtakes, 2014

I took our family pictures this evening. As always, the outtakes are really my favorite.


Oh, BB

I’m pleased with the real photos, too. I’ll show them to you next week. But yes, I remain grateful that I only put us through a “formal” photo once per year. We may take a four person family photo on vacation each year, snapping some here and there through the year, but this annual photo always stresses me out. Not them, no. Just me.

That’s why these outtakes are my favorite. Goofy is good.


We Always Go

Tomorrow morning we could sleep in. We could lounge about in pajamas, eat a leisurely breakfast, and chillax like the cool kids we are. There’s no school tomorrow. So we could do that.

But we’ll get up at our normal hour and get dressed. We’ll eat a normal breakfast and get out the door a little earlier than we have been in the past few weeks since the boys stopped riding the bus. We’ll arrive at the school and sit in chairs outside of classrooms waiting to speak to the kids’ teachers.

It’s Parent-Teacher Conference day.

We’ll go even though I know, down to the percentages, what grades will be on the report cards their teachers will push across the table at us. We’ll go even though we know we have smart, well-behaved boys. We’ll go even though sleeping in and being a bit lazy on a Friday seem vastly more appealing than heading into school on a Friday morning.

We’ll go because while academics are important, one lesson we are always striving to teach the boys is one of respect. Showing up to listen to our sons’ teachers for 15 minutes is a sign of respect. And so, we go. We’ll listen to what they have to say—one boy is smart and talks too much, one boy is smart and maybe doesn’t talk enough. We’ll ask questions about what else we can be doing at home beyond our everyday involvement, our massive library, our educational opportunities. We’ll give our thanks for caring for our sons five days a week, for helping guide them in their early education.


And then we’ll go get donuts, because one report card of straight A’s and one report card of many Outstanding marks requires donuts. Obviously.