Sunday Links: September 21, 2014

I missed last week because I took my dad to the Pittsburgh Pirates game for his birthday. It was awesome.

Oh Hey, Pittsburgh, Looking Good

So I have some posts to share from the past two weeks that I loved reading and want to share with you. Read on!

On Five Minute Friday: Whisper: “You matter. I see you.” Yep. Gotta love that.

Why Am I Still a Christian: Just wow. If you look at the Church with a Big C and sigh the Big Sigh, this post is for you. “But where else would I go?” Been there. Thought that. Walked back through the doors.

On Motherhood and Losing Myself: Ah, just read it.

I Quit You, NFL: There are many important levels to this post, but the anonymous sharing of a #WhyIStayed story makes it a must read. Please read and share it.

Everything Isn’t Everything: When I finished my 12 mile run yesterday and felt disappointed in my pace, I remembered these words. I need to tattoo them on my soul.

Notice the Differences: My cousin is in Germany for a semester. She’s awesome.

What Matters More Than the Choices We Make: Not only do I love this post, but I may start using the word “recombobulated.” How fun is that?

Did you read or write anything awesome in the past two weeks? I’d love to read it!


The End of Summer Brings Pretty Little Things

Pretty Little Things

I find it hard to let go of summer. Even still, as we’ve been in school for over a month. Even now, as the calendar informs me it’s still summer until Tuesday. Even so, with the temps sometimes cool and crisp, sometimes hot and humid. The sun and the sky and the hidden flowers in shady patches make me want to wrap my arms around this summer season, this particular one in the year 2014, and never, ever let go.

I am not a summer person, but I find myself clinging to these daylight hours, the crickets chirping, the open windows, this beautiful, too-quickly-passing summer. Maybe I fell in love with summer this year, and all the things summer brings. Maybe I’m not ready for our fling to be over, even though the leave crunching under my feet as I run fills my heart and soul with deep joy.

Stay. Won’t you?