Friday Fire Fingers: Drop!

Last week we taught you how to sign Stop. This week, of course, we’re teaching you how to sign Drop!

Logically, next week will be ROLL! You now know how to sign Stop and Drop. Be teaching those to your kids as you teach them the all important phrase: Stop, Drop & Roll! You can always learn more signs on

Every week on Fridays, as long as scheduling permits, Stop, Drop & Blog will bring you a Friday Fire Fingers sign. The ASL sign will somehow relate to fire safety or fire in general. If you have a suggestion or question, please contact us via the contact form.

Our Goodmama Giveaway Winner + A Few Tips

I am excited to announce our Goodmama Giveaway winner. I am also super proud of myself for closing comments on the post at exactly noon yesterday. I’m always an hour or two behind because I get busy. And forget. It’s like I have kids and deadlines or something. Anyway, I ran the numbers (102 comments/entrants) this morning through and got our winner.

Congratulations to Lucy from Macy Fron! (Seriously? Go look at this post of hers and see the absolute cuteness of the little girl who will be rocking a Fire Crew print in style.) I hope to see pictures of little Greta representing the Fire Family in her winning diaper!

For those of you interested in becoming Goodmama users, as many of you mentioned on the post, I have a few tips.

1. Not sure Goodmama will work for you and thus unsure if you want to spend the money on a brand new one? Go ahead and visit Spot’s Corner and look for some that are in EUC (Excellent Used Condition) or VGUC (Very Good Used Condition). As Goodmama is now an in-stock store, sellers have brought their prices down greatly. Some HTF (Hard to Find) prints are still being sold at prices even I won’t pay but, for the most part, you can get your hands on an OBV (Organic Bamboo Velour) for a very reasonable price.

2. Realize that you get what you pay for… meaning? These are of a great quality.

3. Also realize that these are one size. LittleBrother started in Goodmamas around two-and-a-half months (born at 7lbs, 7oz) and will be able to use them through his diapering career. Perhaps you’re thinking, “So?” Well, as an example, the other brand we use, Fuzzi Bunz, now sells for (not on sale) $17.95. Not being one sized, we have already had to purchase mediums. Eventually, if LittleBrother ever grows, we will have to purchase large. For the three sizes needed, we will actually spend more on Fuzzi Bunz than we will on Goodmamas. Just saying. It’s a great investment.

4. For Goodmamas to be waterproof, they do need a cover. We use Thirsties (though we have not tried the new version) or wool when he’s wearing clothes. Wool is a great investment, let me tell you. We’ve also been known to use fleece covers as well. Some people ask why you’d cover up a cute print like that but, well, why do you wear pants over cute underwear? Furthermore, we’re often coverless and pantsless (with Babylegs on in the winter) around these parts. We don’t find it to be an issue.

5. If you’re interested in winning one of your own diapers, keep an eye on the diaper list over at the official Goodmama photo contest and enter one week. I’d love to see your little one on the Goodmama site!

Thank you all for taking the time to enter, link and tweet about our contest. I’ve enjoyed getting to know some of you and hope that you enjoyed participating. I won’t be giving another Goodmama diaper away before Christmas (oh, budgets!) but I do see another one in the Stop, Drop & Blog future!

Living Through my Son(s) (& Failing)

I’m not going to force my children to play sports that they don’t like or endure lessons that they loathe. In fact, I’ll even force myself to endure sports that I don’t care for (basketball: the squeaking shoes kill me) if they decide that’s something they wish to persue. I’m not going to be that Mom that lives through my children.

Well, almost.

Today is BigBrother’s first “harvest” party at preschool. They are decorating treat bags for candy and the note said that they were allowed to bring in candy to give to the other kids. Can I tell you how excited I got? His first little party! How fun! I bought some lollipops, some smarties and some bite size chocolate.

And then I bought those little Halloween baggies that you put the candy in and fold over the top. Not because I wanted to be organized. (Though, that happened.) Not because I thought they were cute. (Though, they were.) The real reason? I always wanted to be the kid who took a little baggie of candy for a holiday party to school. And I never was. But now I am! Kind of.

No slight to my Mom. I just never took the little baggie of candy. And I always wanted to. Because I remember receiving those little baggies of candy and thinking that the kid giving it to me was the coolest. kid. EVER! Don’t misconstrue my desire to give baggies of candy as a need for my child to be popular. Most likely, with the rules we’ll have in our house later in life, he really won’t get to be that popular kid. But as the kid who never quite fit in, well, maybe some of that is there. Who knows. He does already have friends in his class, for which I am grateful, even if one did teach him how to spit. (Seriously.) I shouldn’t worry. He’s a likable kid, really, if just a little bit too loud. All the same, I sent him with little baggies of candy.Very simple ones: two suckers, two smarties and one bite-size chocolate with a page of stickers. Win, right?!

I felt like Super Mom! SEE?!

Apparently times have changed since I was in candy-giving-ages school. Because, dang. Not only did almost every kid have a baggie of candy to give but they were overflowing full. No stickers holding the fold over top closed on theirs (and, thus, not very organized!). But one mom even made monster-shaped chocolate-suckers with faces and everything. I wish I was joking. Suddenly my baggies didn’t seem so awesome. They looked kind of plain. And boring. Like the single pieces of candy my Mom used to send me with back in the day.

And I’ve failed again as a preschool mother.


Chances are, at this age, BigBrother isn’t going to notice. Chances are that even next year, I’m not going to get any fancier or put any more candy in the baggies. (Remember? I’m not crafty. Making chocolate-suckers with monster faces is so beyond me that I can’t even comprehend how you would start.) Chances are that someday one or both of my kids will complain that what they took to school was boring. Chances are that they’ll live. Right?

Chances are I’m going to eat a chocolate-sucker with a monster face after BigBrother goes to sleep tonight. Well, to be honest, that’s a definite.

Be safe if you’re trick-or-treating tonight! And/or tomorrow. Just be safe.

Love Thursday: Peekaboo

Click to View Bigger

I know that I’ve written before on Love Thursdays about my two boys and the fact that they are starting to play together. But, man, in the last week, they have made some strides together regarding playtime and I am just overwhelmed with this love for the two of these boys.

We’ve been spending a lot of time in the playroom, the three of us, as LittleBrother is now really old enough to play with a large majority of the toys with my supervision. There are still some minor worries like BigBrother’s cars and trains with little wheels but, for the most part, it’s a safe place with my presence.

They often play independently. LittleBrother chases one of the billion-and-one balls around the room, chanting “ball!!” over and over again while BigBrother crashes trains and cars and fire trucks off of his table and onto the floor. Or his own foot. Or his brother’s head. Or my foot. It’s great fun. But, as I said, in the past week, they’ve been doing this thing where they actually play together. And not just roll around on the floor and laugh-slash-wrestle (though there’s some of that, too). But actually play.

A few examples: BigBrother let LittleBrother sit at the table (I had to help him into the chair which made him very excited) and not just touch his Lightning McQueen but push it off the table into a firey (or, notsofirey) crash below. Laughter ensued. They then pushed the cars back and forth for awhile until LittleBrother fell off his chair onto my foot. If it’s not one thing it’s another, right? They’ve also been enjoying cooking in their kitchen. (Why, yes, my boys have a kitchen! Why wouldn’t they?) LittleBrother loves opening the doors and they both love making noise with the metal pots that my Mom bought for them. (Gee, thanks, Mom!)

The picture series above (click to view it in a larger size), though, is of one of the many games they are starting to play together. BigBrother was peeking under one side of the easel. LittleBrother was then hiding his face and then playing peekaboo by looking around the side. The laughter was contagious. You can also see LittleBrother’s scrunchy face which was featured in last week’s Love Thursday post. It’s all very awesome, really. Quite honestly, I could have been waving flags, singing the ABC’s and banging on the metal pots and pans and these two would not have cared one lick about what I was doing. They were so infatuated with each other’s presence.

This is so what we wanted for our boys.

That said, BigBrother doesn’t always share. And I think LittleBrother is teething again because he’s been bitey the past few days. In fact, he bit BigBrother’s lip last week. Yikes on that one! All the same, those run-ins don’t even make a dent in the awesomeness that is currently taking place. I’m sure I’ll need to look back at this post in a year or two (or next week) to remind myself that my kids once loved each other without hesitation but, well, I don’t want to think about those days yet. I want to live in this moment.

I want to love in this moment.

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