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I watched the boys — all three of them — stare at the clear night sky last night as the space station whizzed by, high and far away. All sock feet and pajamafied in this weird February weather, we stood with our necks craned and our imaginations whizzing along with the light in the sky.

I love their wonder.

It’s not reserved just for the space station, though that’s a current point of interest. I regularly watch them take on looks of awe as they experience something new or unexpected or just downright awesome. I often wonder when we lose that wonder.

I hope it’s not any time soon.


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  1. Seeing that look of wonder on my girlies’ faces: that’s one of the bestest parts of being a parent, right there. What a gift!

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  2. Children are just precious, I love that image if your boys. I can sit and watch my girls faces and their joy all day long.

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