Diamonius: Choose an Ethically Simulated Diamond Ring (SHINY!)

It’s no secret that I like shiny things. A lot. If it sparkles and shines, it will catch my eye and, chances are, I will want it. Like a pig to a pancake.

When Diamonius contacted me to see if I wanted to review one of their rings, I’ll admit that I hadn’t heard of them. But knowing how I feel about shiny things, I clicked on their website and, oh, THE SHINY. Better yet: THE AFFORDABLE SHINY. Woo!

They ended up sending me two rings. Double shiny!

First and most shiny: the Celeste Engagement Ring.

Let’s let some pictures do the talking.




Yeah. I know. That’s over three carats.

Apparently Diamonius simulated diamonds are hard enough to cut glass. Not that I’ve tried it. They’re also supposed to be .066 sparklier than real diamonds; I’ll take more shiny, yes. And then, of course, there’s that whole “ethically simulated diamond ring” part of the shiny. In addition to being colorless and flawless and lacking that whole fading and discoloring thing that real diamonds do, there’s the whole lack of a “conflict diamond.” No wars. No blood. No looking at the ring and thinking, wondering. Plus?

When purchasing a Diamonius simulated diamond ring you are making a choice to change the world. We donate a portion of each sale to orphans in Sierra Leone, a country that has been devastated by diamond mining. Diamond mining in Sierra Leone has been used to fund wars where thousands have been injured.

Shiny AND giving back? You had me at Ethically, Diamonius.

They also sent me a Sydney Eternity Ring because I loved it so much. It looks a lot like my wedding band, but without eight years of wear and tear and de-shiny-ing.

Diamonius -- Sydney Eternity Band

There’s 3.5 carats of simulated diamonds in there. Just, uh, a few more than my wedding band. Ahem.

Oh, and hey. As I pinned recently and I’ve been seeing around the web, mismatched metals in your wedding set are apparently a “thing” now. If you landed here because you’re debating a white gold engagement ring with a yellow gold band, here’s how it looks.


In other words, shiny. So yes, yes you can mix metals.

One of the best parts about these rings is the price. The Celeste Engagement Ring runs $159.00 and the Sydney Eternity Ring is just $139.00. Much less than what three carats runs you in not-so-ethical diamonds, NO?!

If you’re interested in the SHINY, I have a coupon code for you for $25.00 off of your purchase. Just enter LOVE25 at checkout. You can thank me for the shiny later, but please post pictures so I can admire from afar!

Would you consider a simulated diamond ring?


Disclosure: I received the rings for free, as I said above. Also, please excuse the winter hands, because OMG.

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  1. Hello, gorgeous! So shiny and SO PRETTY! I love it!

  2. OK, so, when I first saw the post title, I added some letters. I saw: “Choose an EthNically STimulated Diamond Ring.”
    I thought, “How can a diamond ring be ethnically stimulated? What does that even mean?”
    Apparently, I should drink the caffeine before I read the blogs.


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