A Day at Camp

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  1. I know you’re totally going to find a way to steal that lovely couch so you can drag it home…right?!?!

    Says the woman who has owned some of the ugliest couches in history.

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    • That piece of gloriousness was my maternal-paternal great-grandmother’s couch. She used to cover it in plastic, so it’s in the best. shape. ever. Everyone who comes to our cottage marvels at its ugliness. I adore it to pieces.

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  2. This reminds me of how I found you. I was on the BlogHer site and they had just announced the date for one of the conferences. You commented your disappointment because it overlapped with Camp. I commiserated because it overlapped with my NOAH conference (event for people with albinism). I followed the link to your blog (then a different name) and the rest is history :) That was before LB, it may even have been before BB. Sheesh time flies and things change no? Wish I were going to be in Chicago this week. It will be crazy, but have a great time!

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    • That seems like eons ago!

      Yes, for a few years there, the overlap between the two didn’t happen. They moved BlogHer back a week this year and thus, overlap. I’m bummed, but it’s life.

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