Happy Dog, Healthy Dog

Stop Bothering Me

I'm Looking for Cows

Oh, Look a Bird!

Another Bird! Over There!

Can't Catch Me!

Callie is over on the Verizon Wireless Midwest blog where I reviewed the Tagg Pet Tracker. She was a willing participant in the review as it meant long walks, cow searching, bird watching, and deer track sniffing. Happy, healthy dog.


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  1. German Shepherds have never been my favorite breed, but Callie is beautiful!! Making me rethink my thoughts.

  2. Callie!!! I live her so much! !

  3. Oh my goodness but she is gorgeous.

    • I love your girl. And the more I read about her I am moved more toward getting my boys (and me) a canine companion.

  4. I adore photos of Callie! She is just stunning! What a pretty, pretty girl!

  5. Callie is stunning. Thanks so much for the review on the pet tracker! We have labs and this will be a great safety item for them!


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