52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Pirates


Happy Brothers at a Pirates Game

We’ve been meaning to do this—take the boys to a Pittsburgh Pirates game—for, uh, years. For the first few years, it came down to knowing them as human being and not wanting to inflict that pain on ourselves on others. So we waited. Then we struggled with the understanding that their early bedtime meant an evening game would qualify as a disaster for us for other fans, so we kept looking at weekend games. And nothing ever, ever worked with our schedule.



This game didn’t either, mind you. The boys had to miss a soccer game, though to be fair I bought the tickets before soccer existed in our lives this year. (Though it’s not as if it’s a surprise. We’ve had soccer games every Sunday, September through the end October, for four years now.) But, whatever, we missed a game. Life goes on, and they totally didn’t mind.

Then there’s thing where my Husband wanted to be present for their first game.

Except he wasn’t. He was working. We took my Dad for his birthday (which is today; HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!). This was actually one of the better accidental choices as the boys felt as though they could get away with anything—obnoxious dancing any time the Pirates did anything remotely awesome, asking for all the foods, incessant talking. I’m just glad they were seated in front of the rows of parents behind them; I’m sure the families in front of them got an earful, especially when they were shooting the t-shirt cannon. Wow, BigBrother can be loud. Shocking. Not shocking. Sorry. Not sorry.


They ate footlong hot dogs. Nachos. Dippin’ Dots, which caused a mutiny even when I tried to point out that I’m from Ohio now and can no longer get Dippin’ Dots at social functions. The adults didn’t care as they had to send their children off to purchase their own Dippin’ Dots. Whoops? Sorry. Not sorry.

They made it through the whole game, even though the sixth inning, during which the Pirates game back from behind, continued for over 45 minutes. BigBrother didn’t care. He was a dancing machine during the sixth inning, especially as he was showing off for some girl. Oh dear.

Oh, You know

They got annoyed with the traffic leaving the game, but so did I because it was the worst traffic we’ve had leaving a game since late night games at Three Rivers Stadium.

I no longer feel bad that we waited, both intentionally and unintentionally, for so long to bring them to a game. Their doors are now adorned with “Let’s Go Bucs” signs and stickers from the amazing Pittsburgh Pirates Fatheads they received upon walking in the front gate. Last night they worked together to create the most perfect design on LittleBrother’s door, and today the plan is to work on BigBrother’s door. They’re excited about baseball—Pirates baseball in September—and that makes my heart explode with all kinds of Pittsburgh pirde. They’ve been wearing Pirates gear for years now, but now it makes sense to them on an individual level.

Plus, as a bonus, we got the light switch cover from the Fatheads as they have custom light switch covers. Epic. I love baseball!



  1. This totally rules. I love that they will forever remember their first game. Because you waited. And yes, there’s never really a perfect time for a game. We’ve realized that too and just gave up trying. Because BASEBALL.

  2. So much fun! Love the pic of you and your dad, and your necklace is super cute.

  3. I’m so glad you guys were able to come this year. Each year the group gets a little bigger and everyone has a great time. And unlike last year’s game, the Pirates won in 9 innings and not 16.


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