52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Taipy Writeer

The One with the Taipy Writeer

I can’t even with these two.

Tap tap type.

My Grandma bought this typewriter back when one of my uncles needed to write papers for college. My mom used it for the same thing. I spent hours upon hours tap-tap-typing my own stories, my own poems, my own name. Since Grandma’s passing in June, the inevitable texts of “do you want this” came in waves over the months. I said yes to various things, but definitely the typewriter.

Tap tap type.

They’ve been writing stories, both together and separately. Each boy gets so long on the typewriter to write what he wants. One is writing a new story about evil slippers, and the other is typing out a story he already wrote about super heroes. Each stands and watches the other type, pointing out mistakes or helping the other learn how to make symbols or numbers or locate the apostrophe.

Tap tap type.

LittleBrother felt so excited about the arrival of the typewriter that he wrote a story about it at school. “When I get home I am going to write on a taipy writeer. I do not no what it looks like.” I hadn’t opened the case yet to show the boys what it looked like, but he managed to draw it looking somewhat like a typewriter in the photo. Maybe he saw one in a movie or something. Or maybe a love of typewriters is a genetic trait passed down from generation to generation.

Tap tap type.

Whatever the case, they took turns without arguing. They helped each other spell words. They taught each other what the ding at the end of the line meant, how to press “power return” to get back to the start. No harsh tones, no whining. Just the sound of two little boys using their imaginations to write stories and help each other.


tap tap type.



  1. So much love for all of these typewriter stories! I think this photo and maybe some of the typewritten sheets should go in the treasure box that gets buried by your tree.

    Have they incorporated it yet into playing Daily Planet/Superman? :)


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