52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Race Medals

With Their Medals

I’ve already showed you racing photos and talked about how proud I was of these two little guys for running their first ever race. I’ve told you how LittleBrother wants to run it again. I didn’t get to tell you yet how he had me hang his medal up with his soccer and baseball medals, how he asked me to find a way to hang his race bib up on his wall.

Immediately Post-Race

I didn’t tell you that every time I found our family in the crowds, I found the boys and their monster hats first; I always saw them first before I found any of the adults. My soul seeks them out. I zeroed in on their faces and felt as if I could run eleven million more miles just to see that smile again—just to see that look of pride on their face again.

I didn’t tell you how we all posed with our medals after my husband and I ran our races… and how it meant more to me than any medal picture I’ve ever taken or posed for in all eternity.

Medals for All

There’s just so much I want to remember about our family time from this past weekend. It was a good weekend for brothers; it was a good weekend for the four of us. I will hold it close for a very long time.


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