52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Christmas Program

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52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Christmas Program

Last Thursday, the third grade put on a Christmas program at the elementary school. They did one during the day for the rest of the grades and one at night for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, neighbors, and so on.

BigBrother told me a number of times how excited he felt to stand on stage and sing the songs. I helped him learn a few lines, trying not to giggle when he messed up “holly” and “jolly.” I actually think “deck the halls with boughs of jolly” makes tons of sense; we’d all likely feel happier this season if we did so.

He also let me know that he felt a little nervous about the show. I assured him that the nervous feeling was normal. I assured him we loved him whether or not the show went “perfectly” or not. I shared some of my nervous stories from many years on stage.

On the night of the show, the boys got ready for the show after an early dinner.

LittleBrother decided that he too would dress nicely for his brother’s big night. “Can I wear a tie, Mommy?” He’s been wanting to wear a tie on regularly as of late. I searched through his ties to find a black one that matched his shirt. When BigBrother heard about the tie, he asked to wear one as well.

A little bit later, I found BigBrother in the bathroom, putting water on his hair and “styling” it. I smiled and continued down the hallways to our bedroom. A few seconds later, I heard LittleBrother traipse into the bathroom. I couldn’t hear what the two boys said to one another, but then I heard the water running again. My husband walked into our bedroom shortly after and said that BigBrother was helping LittleBrother do his hair. I smiled. The little moments mean the most.

BigBrother ended up being one of five boys on stage wearing a tie. LittleBrother might have been the only person in the audience wearing a tie. Handsome little dudes, we have.

After the third grade made their way on stage, BigBrother began scanning the crowd for us. I watched him intently as he looked back and forth. When he finally locked eyes with me, his smile looked like one of relief and pride. He continued to make eye contact with me throughout the show; his smile growing with each song.

I loved watching LittleBrother watch the show. After the show, he also told his older brother that he did a good job.

These two little dudes—with their ties, their plaid shirts, their grins, their seeking eyes, their big hearts, their love for each other—mean so much to me. And to each other. They’re making this holiday season so lovely to experience. Especially this year.


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