Training for the Columbus Half Marathon: 11! ELEVEN!

The Columbus Half Marathon is in 34 days (OMG), or 1 days and 4 days (OMG). I have five weeks left to train (OMG) as I just finished my 11th week of training (OMG).

Training for the Columbus Half Marathon

OMG! Okay, we’ve gotten then OMG out of my system this week. We’ll revisit that next week.

My 11 mile run went so much better than my 10 mile run. This is why you don’t quit after a hard run. This is why you keep on keeping on. The morning of my 11 miler was cool and foggy. It actually started mist-raining even though my weather app said it wasn’t raining at all. I stopped at 5.29 to put a plastic bag on my phone and then kept on running. I ran in the neighborhood instead of at the trail as I had been up the night before with a stomach problem, so I didn’t want to be far from the house. That meant ALL THE HILLS. And I ran them. I ran them well. I am so proud of my hills; it’s almost a shame Columbus is a relatively flat course. That’s okay: The EQT 10 Miler has some hills! I’ll dominate them in November.

After my 11 Miler, ALL SMILES

Reaching 11 mile—and having it go well—is always an important part of training to me. I can run 10 miles (normally apparently, not if it’s smokin’ hot outside) without much of a problem or big, long-training. 11 starts to trip me up. But it didn’t. I ran strong. 13 is within my grasp. I CAN DO THIS.

I made the hard choice to drop by one run per week this week. The four runs started to take a toll on my hips and back in a way that I felt seemed not good for the long-haul. Running with an existing back injury means that I have to listen to my body and adjust my training accordingly. As such, I will be running two weekday medium-length runs and one weekend/late week long-run.

Tired Feet, but Happy Legs

Here’s how this week broke down:

Monday, run 41: 4.13 miles, 42:22, 10:16/pace
Tuesday, run 42: 5.13 miles, 49:30, 9:39/pace
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: REST
Friday, run 43: 11.04 miles, 1:53:09, 10:15/pace
Saturday: Walked around for 5 miles at Cedar Point
Sunday: Walked to and from the Pirates game for 3 miles

I Ran Quickly to Get Back for Bus Time
I wanted to get back before they got on the bus for my five mile run… so I did. I booked it!

So this week I’m running 4 miles, 5 miles, and 12 miles. I’m excited for these runs as the temps have turned toward gloriously wondrous fall temperatures, making for a Happy Hot Runner. Let’s run ALL THE MILES!

Here’s to Week 12!


Five Things Friday with Bonus 90s Photo!

My friend Missie over at The Wheezy Runner tagged me in a meme to share some random facts about myself. Sure, why not. I feel like a lot of people know these things individually about me, but maybe not all five things at once.


1. I played softball for 11 years. It was as awesome as you might imagine. I mean, check this:

What on EARTH is happening here?

Epic. Thanks, 90s glasses and weird photography postures. Though I think both the glasses and the trucker hat are back in style. I was just ahead of my time.

2. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was almost 17. My dad wanted me to learn to drive a stick shift first, but I failed. Big time. When I nearly killed us at the intersection of 168, 18, and Green Garden road, he gave up on me. Thankfully, or I’d still have to be chauffeured around, because that just ain’t gonna happen.

3. I quit drinking pop (soda for you weirdos) in October 2012. I occasionally miss it, but not too much. Mostly I only miss it when I have a sore throat and want some bubbles to make my throat feel better. I also miss it when I’m at Chipotle; my burrito bowl doesn’t taste the same with unsweetened iced tea. I need a fountain Coke! Sigh. I even purchased a Soda Stream for my husband for his last birthday and only have had a few sips to taste his creations. Writing this made me want some pop, so this is probably a fail.

4. I have “groovy” teeth. It’s not as cool as it sounds, and I unfortunately passed that genetic trait from my father on to my oldest son. Related: I have an epic fear of the dentist. Related: My husband’s mom fills my cavities. Related: :(

5. I really like 90s (alternative) music. This is not surprising if you follow me on Twitter or Spotify. But it’s true. Also true: In the summer of 2012, when we were without electricity for 9 days due to the de recho storm, my husband and I fell back in love with pop music as our only form of entertainment was a battery powered radio. I blame Carly Rae Jepsen for most of my running playlist nowadays, but there are some nice 90s alternative picks on there as well. My #inner90sgirl cannot be tamed.

I’m not tagging anyone, because that’s not how I roll. But I’d love if you’d tell me something random about you. I love learning these things about my friends.


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