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Welcome to Stop, Drop & Blog. This page gives you a look at who I am, who my family is and what this blog might be about — though I reserve the right to write about whatever I want, whenever I want. It’s more fun that way.

About Jenna

Jenna, October 2012 First and foremost, I am the mastermind behind this space. I am a wife to a professional firefighter. Together we have two amazing sons. I am also a birth mother to a daughter with whom I have a relationship via open adoption. I am an editor, writer and photographer. We make our home in Ohio, but my heart lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

I started blogging in the Spring of 2001 and basically haven’t stopped. I started out on LiveJournal in college and had a few random websites (Geocities represent!). After college and during a year long engagement to FireDad, I ran a wedding website which turned into a blog after the wedding as the family grew. In late 2007, I was searching for a new name for the site as I felt we had outgrown the old name. In a stroke of pregnancy-induced insomnia, I came up with Stop, Drop & Blog. Yes, I got out of bed in the middle of the night to check if the domain was available and registered it on the spot. Genius waits for no one and no sleep.

If you’re interested, you can also find me on Twitter and Facebook. If you don’t care about my personal Facebook updates, which include even more cute kids pictures and idle chatter about the weather, you could like Stop, Drop & Blog on Facebook!

I am currently Family Section Editor for BlogHer and the Events Editor. If you’d like to submit a post for me to consider for spotlight or syndication on BlogHer, please submit it here.

About FireDad

#ustoday He hasn't learned that if he makes that face, I'll pick that photo. Or maybe he has learned. Silly love of mine.This guy is the thirty-something professional firefighter, husband, father, dishwasher extraordinaire, vacuumer, and general all-around-great-guy of the family. We like him. A lot. He likes the beach, fishing, hunting, napping in the recliner, Damn You Auto-Correct and playing with light sabers in the front yard.

FireDad shuns (SHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNS) Facebook. He recently was forced to adopt a Twitter account but due to the sensitive nature of his job, all of his updates are private. Hit us up via the contact form if you’re in desperate need of FireDad’s twitter account approval.

About the Couple

We were married in 2004. Together we enjoy really boring things like Jeopardy or playing Scrabble or Chess. We’re also somewhat dorkily addicted to Wii. We like snow, which is why we went skiing on our honeymoon, but we also like the beach. In fact, the outdoors are pretty darn awesome. We laugh at immature jokes, send each other stupid videos and occasionally instant message each other when in talking range.

June 2013

…And then we had some kids.

About BigBrother

His day is infinitely better than yours. #summerbreakBigBrother was born in November of 2005. He’s currently in the second grade.

He is a very inquisitive seven-year-old who loves playing on the computer. He absolutely loves to read. He loves baseball, soccer — with preference for soccer. Star Wars is his most favorite thing ever.

About LittleBrother

This guy.LittleBrother was born two years and one week after BigBrother, and our lives were never the same. He is currently in Kindergarten.

Shockingly, he’s still pretty laid back. He inherited his dad’s sleeping skill, for which we are all grateful. He runs, chasing BigBrother everywhere. If he could do one thing and one thing only, it would be read, read, read and read some more.

Before LB got sick again. He's now napping and I'm laying out on the deck.

About the Blog

This blog is a space I have created. It houses thoughts and feelings, conversations and letters, memories and dreams, hopes and fears, photos and photos and photos. I share things about being a fire family. I share things about being a writer, a photographer, an editor. I write about motherhood, about childhood. I sometimes talk about politics and religion. I review things that I like. I occasionally accept solicited reviews, but I only review products that are a match with our family’s interests and ideals. Please feel free to email me at firemom at stopdropandblog dot com if you have a product you think we’d be interested in reviewing.

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