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Nothing like starting your taper on Boston Marathon Day, right? Watching the amazing athletes run their hearts out to get across the finish line is nothing short of The Most Inspiring Running Thing Ever. And now those of us running the Pittsburgh Marathon get to… relax?… Read More
Last week the rain came down. And down. And down. And the creek went up. And up. And up. Every night after dinner, the boys asked if we could take a walk out the country road and down the big hill to see how deep the water was that day.… Read More
Sometimes the boys get me on a weak day and I end up at the checkout counter with a totally unnecessary purchase. Like today’s Magic 8 Ball. I said yes, because, well, I kinda wanted it too. The boys nearly skipped out of the store, so filled with glee.… Read More
On Saturday, we celebrated my husband’s Granna’s 90th birthday. We spent the day with his family, and my boys spent the day playing with (and being chased by) their cousin; the youngest cousin spent time being passed around the family members.… Read More