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Sometimes whirlwind weeks take us from back yard fire pits to actively providing security for the rings in a wedding. These two brothers endured a whole lot of travel, high emotions during a visit with their sister, pressure to do things, and lots of late, late nights.… Read More
What Family Looks Like

What Family Looks Like

Posted By on Aug 11, 2015

I know you want us to fit into an easy box, one with the same clearly marked boundaries stated in the open adoption pamphlet the adoption agency handed you on your first visit. You want clearly marked lines of their family, our family, and my child.… Read More
We traveled last week for a family visit with my daughter and a cousin’s wedding. I figured I’d just end up running on the sidewalks and roads near my family’s house. I didn’t worry too much about it as I’m used to road running and checked out some maps of the areas before we left on our trip.… Read More
As these boys get older, I’ve noticed two things happening: 1) They get busier with everything from organized sports to time with friends. 2) They eat more all the time. The boys’ baseball schedules kept us so busy earlier this summer, and I struggled to keep up with meals (and laundry, but maybe that’s an entirely different post).… Read More
So, it’s hot outside. Or, it’s so hot outside. Because it’s summer. We’ve been spoiled this summer. Training for the Columbus Marathon hasn’t been all that horrible. Between the rainy June into July, cooler mornings and evenings, and even a few days with—GASP—low humidity, the running conditions felt downright pleasant for most of the summer.… Read More