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School seems like it’s off to a good start this year. We experienced a small bump in the road during the first week, but save for an odd comment from one of the kids’ teachers which I have not yet processed, I’m still feeling hope for this coming year.… Read More
I could use this week’s Columbus Marathon training update to lament (read: whine) about the runs I missed during a tumultuous week. Instead, I’m going to talk about how a break in running felt freaking fantastic as I started my 14th week of training yesterday.… Read More
Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. I know this because Timehop reminded me when I was still awake at 4:00 this morning after another long night fight with insomnia. Thanks, Timehop! Last year on this date, I shared links to my Voices of the Year video and winning piece, saying I had already said all I needed to say on depression.… Read More
This is what you look like before your first football game. And this is what you look like afterward. Any questions? For future reference: It was 83 degrees by their 11:00 game. The boys played in various positions, with BigBrother playing quarterback in the second half.… Read More