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I knew when the kids got sick the week before Christmas, it wasn’t a question of “if” but “when” I would get sick. I did so well. I lasted so long. I nursed them back to complete health, and then… …the day before Christmas Eve, I started to feel it.… Read More
I’m trying to look through a lens of perspective at the year that was, or still is, 2014. It’s difficult. I struggle to see past the Big Things—the loss, the hard times, the depression, did I mention the loss? I maintain that 2014 ranks as one of my hardest years ever, with 2003 surpassing it.… Read More
The Best Christmas Gift of the Day

The Best Christmas Gift of the Day

Posted By on Dec 25, 2014

I really struggled with The Sickness today. At one point after cleaning up the mess from Christmas Waffles, the room started spinning. To say that I didn’t feel well ranks as a gross understatement. Still, it was the first Christmas the boys and I spent at home, so I wanted to make a tasty Christmas dinner.… Read More
Yesterday the boys dressed up in their Christmas Eve finery. Together the four of us happily walked outside into the 52 degree weather, the sun shining brightly as we walked our street. If we only delivered cookies and cards at one house, the first stop would make it all worth it.… Read More

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