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I didn’t run yesterday. Or today. I suppose I could have, in between the five hours spent at the baseball field and the grilling of steak and the Tuesday stuff that felt like Monday stuff. But I didn’t. The Runner’s World Summer Run Streak also started yesterday.… Read More
We currently find ourselves deep in the midst of baseball season. We’re at the field all the time right now; sometimes until ten o’clock in the evening, sometimes six days a week. Between practices and games and practicing in the yard and occasionally catching a game on TV, it feels like we live and breathe baseball.… Read More
Between birthday celebrations, baseball, moving the chickens into their coop, baseball, Friday pizza, baseball, birthday parties, fishing, rain, relaxing, two Fun Days at school, a very Monday-ish Monday, more rain, and more baseball, this week feels blurry. It’s weird to look back through the photos over the week and think simultaneously, “Wow, this was a long week.… Read More
As the weather continues to warm up (and cool off and warm up and cool off and be generally spring-like), I find myself seeking out sleeveless tops and tanks to wear. I don’t really like wearing tops with sleeves when the weather warms up at all because, well, I’m a sweater.… Read More
Running by Twos

Running by Twos

Posted By on May 18, 2015

Last week I ran two miles, three times. I intended to start upping my mileage a little, but something always held me back. One day I didn’t have enough time after drop off and before my first conference call. On Wednesday morning, after being at the baseball field until 10:15 the night before, I didn’t feel up to running more than two.… Read More