Friday Four (Again)

Friday Four Pictures I Didn’t Post Elsewhere

Friday Four (Again)

Clockwise from Top Left: LittleBrother’s eighth birthday; a tiny heart appeared when I was icing the cake; Pokemon card time; selfie on Thanksgiving.


Friday Four Awesome Reads This Week

The Bad Habits of Good Readers: Haha, oops. I’m a great speller, but hooboy, do I skim whatever I find boring.

Paper Lights Christmas Garland: I want to make this SO. HARD.

For When You’re Actually Not a Okay: A Self-Care Printable: Printed it. You should too.

Pittsburgh man develops software that aims to become ‘Turbo Tax’ of health care: Hey! I went on a mission trip with Dan when we were in high school, and Facebook reconnected us a few years ago. I was scrolling the Book of Face the other day when I saw Dan’s face in an article another friend shared. Our generation is doing good things, folks. Watch for us.


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Friday Five


Five great things I read this week

How to Create a Memorable Character Voice: What I Learned Writing Storming by K.M. Weiland. I found this a really interesting read as a writer and as a reader.

This Is About the Time I Chose Not to Die by Mike Monteiro. “Like I said, I didn’t grow up in an environment that dealt with mental issues very well. Turns out very few of us did.” So. True.

How to Be a More Productive Freelancer in 20 Minutes by Elan Morgan. It’s a really great post, but then you have to go do stuff. So read at your own risk.

The Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike Tunnels: How to Find Them. You guys. I travel the turnpike all the time and I didn’t know this was a THING. Fascinating.

Mothering with Mental Illness by Dominique Matti. ” The truth is, depression has been with me for so long that I often have trouble seeing the difference between the illness and who I am.” Oh, I had a similar experience.