Sunday Links: August 24, 2014


Oh, thank goodness.

I thought for sure when I posted Sunday Links last week, that I would read anything anyone wrote this week, Sunday would roll around, and I’d have nothing to share. Nope. I made time to read blogs and click links people shared on Facebook and follow a few rabbit trails.

Here’s what moved me this week:

requiescat in pace: If you only read one thing on this list or today or tomorrow or all week or all month, let it be this beautiful tribute. It starts out one way and takes you another, pulling at heartstrings and making you think all in the same beautiful breath.

Brutal Honesty: I know you’ve read eleven billion things about Ferguson, but you need to read this one—especially her last paragraph. The brutal honesty of us mothers who birthed and placed have a space in these conversations. Listen, please.

The Best Children’s Book You’ve Never Read: I promptly ordered it, read it, and read it with LittleBrother that night. It’s a keeper.

I Never Win Because I’m a Girl: Oh, I love discussions about boys and girls and gender and roles and then! When you throw some running into it? I’m a puddle of goo for your words. This line: “The piano doesn’t care who you are. Neither does the ground when you run.” I kind of want to tattoo “The ground doesn’t care who you are when you run” onto my body. Or my soul. Something.

Something Broke Here Awhile Ago: Oh, if you talk about the scars we carry with us being beautiful in a different light, I’m gonna cry and love the heck out of that post.

New Teepee: I love Jema and her family and her writing. And I love the beach; it is my Mecca, the one place I feel most at peace. So this post? Pure gold.

Totchos: Super easy, each-person-customizable weeknight dinner that we loved trying this week. We’ll make it again.

If you read or wrote something this week that you think I should read, please leave it in the comments. I definitely enjoyed reading more this week, saving and favoriting and sharing your works, your words. Please write and share more this week.


Sunday Links: August 17, 2014

The Best of This Week

I started out on Monday with full intent to share all of the amazing posts I read on the web in a weekly round up post, like I used to do regularly.

And then this week happened, and everyone wrote all of the amazing things. All of the deeply important things. So many to link here, too many to read through, too many very important voices sharing very important things. And so I almost didn’t share what I read, what moved me, what brought me to tears, what made me laugh, what taught me more about myself and my world, what challenged me and pushed me. I mean, we all read the same things, didn’t we? We all shared the same heartbreaking, life-changing experiences this week didn’t we?

And then I realized that, no, our week wasn’t the same; we are individuals trying to make sense of our world. And that’s why we blog. And that’s why I’m sharing my favorites of what I read this week.

Week 25: I love Amy, and I love posts in which women talk honestly about pregnancy. “But I’m uneasy these days. Uneasy, uncomfortable, and at times, a little afraid.” We all benefit when we share our truth.

My Favorite Newbery Winners: This list starts with a pick from 2013 and rolls on back to 1936. You may have read many of these books, but have your kids? I’m keeping this list handy for the winter months.

I Will Whisper In His Ear: I think this should be the prayer of all our hearts, this week and all weeks.

On Ears to Hear and Eyes to See: A Prayer for Ferguson: Oh wait, and this one too. All the prayers for all of the days of all of our lives.

The Thing You Never Knew: A lot of posts about depression and suicide hit the web this week. We talked honestly about things we don’t always talk about at all. Kir moved me to tears with her honest, raw post. With this: “I reach out when I need to, I say the words “I’m not okay” and I allow people to help me. Because there is no coming back, there is no alternative or plan B if I don’t.” I nodded. I sobbed. I wanted to hug her through my computer. You should go hug her too.

The Year She Didn’t Sing: Maybe it’s because the Munchkin is so close in age, maybe it’s because I know someday my boys will be this age and won’t think I’m as awesome as I really am, but this post hit me right in the feels.

On Leaving and Coming Home: This beautiful mama is leaving work to stay home. She’s a mix of feelings, and she writes it beautifully. I remember that place.

On Pain: “Pain is information. It’s a sign that something is wrong, that something needs to change.” Oh, yes. This post is all kinds of intense and amazing and yes.

#imnotgoinganywhere and What It’s Like to Work in Mental Health on This Day: This is an important post on mental health from someone who works in mental health. I’d like to see more of these and read them all and omg, just more.

For the Love of Running: If you’ve ever had running turn into something other than awesome fun-ness, you need to read this post.

White Pizza Stuffed Zucchini Boats: This is the best new recipe I made for the family this week. You need to make it. (Going to try to remember to share the best new/old recipe I make each week in this list from now on too.)

The In Between: Seize It: Not only does this post talk about the transition from a stay-at-home-mama with kids at home to suddenly having no kids at home once they’re all in school, but it talks about Robin Williams and introduced me to this song, “Alone” by Trampled by Turtles. I listened to it eleventy billion times this week. You should too.

If you read something awesome this week, I’d love to read it. Of note: I shared some other posts on Facebook and did not duplicate them here on this list (minus the recipe, because omg, so good). Of additional note: I’m hoping that getting back into the habit of sharing amazing reads will help me stay current with my feed reader as well as click more links that you share in your social channels. I love to read all the things, so I need to do more of it!


This Week: Instagram, Links, and Elsewhere


Fav Photo: The Boys Walking to Church

A Beautiful Sunrise

Training with Tech!
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Fav Photo: Football!

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Some Saturday Links

What’s the best thing you read this week?



Did you write elsewhere this week?


I’m nursing some allergies and trying to pack for a business trip on Monday. I hope your weekend is great!

This Week: Instagram, Links, and Elsewhere


Favorite Photo: Me & My Dad

Oh, my family. We know how to party, no?

Art Time After School

What Motivates Me? Duh.
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Some Saturday Links

  • I Am Proud of Me by Sassymonkey. I am also proud of my friend, not just for running this summer but for writing the post and sharing her journey. She’s running the Army Run 5K tomorrow. Go wish her a good run.

  • Deconstructed Dinners by Amy at Family Feedbag. Uh, genius. I’ll definitely be using this idea in our next two week menu plan.

  • When the Dream Becomes Reality by Casey at Life with Roozle. I’ve felt that same way, enamored with the dream of what parenting could look like and shocked by the reality. For me, it was the difference between the dream and the reality of working from home. Yes, it’s great but, wow, it’s a lot of work.

  • The Simplicity {and Significance} of Saying I Love You by Sarah at Simple Mom. I kind of look at people who say that “I love you” loses meaning when you say it too much like they have two heads. We say it all day, everyday in this house because, no, words aren’t just words. I love (ha!) this post.

  • SNAP — We Must Do Better by Holli Long (also syndicated on BlogHer). I want to jump up on the soap box with her and start a round of applause, because she nailed it. I loathe the judgment we pass on those who use state assistance for food. I am especially angered when Christians sit in a Bible study and start ranting about those who use all of “their hard-earned money,” while I sit next to them, having been a woman who used food stamps once (and yes, we left that church). Maybe I feel the extra compassion for having been judged, or maybe I’m just following the example of what my faith is supposed to stand for, or maybe I’m just being a decent human being. Whatever the case, I love this post. Read it. Internalize it. And then listen to “Hands” by Jewel or something and go care for people, okay?




It’s a lovely, gray, rainy, cool day here today. Our big plans involve cleaning and relaxing and generally gearing up for another busy week that starts on Sunday and doesn’t stop until Friday evening. I hope you find some time to recharge this weekend!

This Week: Instagram, Links, and Elsewhere


My favorite photo in this collage: Batman Spelling Words

The best Throwback Thursday EVER

What I Wear While Running: GREEN
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Favorite photo in this collage: The three I love the most, so happy on the bumper cars
Hooray for Cedar Point!


Seven Saturday Links

  • The 6 Most Shockingly Irresponsible Fitspiration Photos by Kevin at ReEmbody. While everything in this post is spot on true, it’s also flipping hilarious. My favorite? Central heating is for quitters! FITNESS!! YEAH!

  • WFMAD Day 11: Do Writers Need an Internet Platform? by Laurie Halse Anderson. Lots of great advice about cutting the time you spend “building your online platform” and, you know, writing. Like this gem:

    I suspect that a lot of new writers put energy into their internet presence because it feels like a constructive thing to do and it is much easier than working on their book. Because writing books is hard. Writing books is so hard that it dredges up all of our anxieties and insecurities and it makes us feel small and scared and lonely.

  • Public High School in Oakland by Gabrielle at Design Mom. When the new Ohio Report Cards came out for schools, I got a bit verklempt about our scores, especially when I knew that some people in my life would look at our school district’s grades and feel somehow superior. I almost immediately shook that feeling, and this post, several weeks later, explains why I place absolutely no faith in the scoring of school districts. At all.

  • Where Slow Runners Are Made Fun Of by Amanda at There Are 2 Sides. Reading this post upset me, because while I have had great, inclusive, awesome experiences with the running community, I’ve also had at least one run in with a running snob. If my slow running (or, as another example that ticks me off: my underwear lines!) during a race are bothering you, you’re doing it wrong. As I tell my sons: Worry about yourself. I? Got this. Underwear lines, slow pace and all.

  • It’s Always What You Don’t Anticipate by Sarah at Toddler Summer. So much of parenting is about the stuff you don’t know to worry about or anticipate or plan for in any way. I remember this one.

  • Adios to Summer Running by Jessica at Keeping Mommy Sane. Oh yes. If you love Grease and you hate summer running, this post is for you. With a run in 58 degree weather yesterday, I’m happy again! HOORAY!

  • Dear Writers: Success Is Mattering to Someone by Kyran at BlogHer. As someone struggling to push past some self-doubt on things like word choice and count… as someone struggling to remind herself that success means simply writing it in the first place, this post was well timed.

    You don’t have to be the next big thing to be a success in writing, or in anything else. You just have to make the next thing that matters to someone and go on to make the next thing after that. One thing that matters after the other, for as long as you can. That’s work anyone can be proud of.



Family Rules


Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

This Week: Instagram, Links, & Elsewhere


Favorite Photo in This Collage: Me & My Nephew!

Where I Run
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Favorite Photo in This Collage: Reading Boys!
Curious about the books? Check out our September library haul.

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Soccer Season!

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Seven Saturday Links

  • More Rim (Yosemite) Fire Pictures by Katie at Fire Wife Katie. If you haven’t been following the Rim Fire, a) you should be, and b) you need to view Katie’s husbands pictures. I am praying for the firefighters and all people involved in trying to beat back this monster.

  • Professor C Bodin Matters to Boys Too by His Feminist Mama. Our female LEGO characters are things like cheerleaders and mermaids. My boys need and deserve strong female characters, even when they’re “just” playing with bricks. Their inclusion does benefit girls, but it also benefits our boys.

  • When I Ask for Help by Beth Morey. Please go leave a comment of support for Beth, and if you are the praying type, please commit to praying for her as she fights a tough battle with depression right now.

  • On (Not) Blogging About Matters of the Heart by Carly Findlay. I really relate to the very first sentence and have been struggling with the balance for awhile:

    The more I blog, the more I keep to myself.

  • Why Are the Majority of Children’s Books Still About White Boys? by Soraya Chemaly at Role Reboot. As the mom of two white boys who are thriving and happy readers, this is a question I find myself faced with as they move from picture/story books to chapter books and series. I found it much easier to provide them with diversity in character, gender, race, and family makeup in the earlier days. I’m struggling now, though the boys don’t (always) balk at series with girls. I’m working on that as we continue forward.

  • Hating on the Poor Is SO Funny! (Let’s Make an Ecard!) by The Family Pants. When I watch people on Facebook — people I love and care about and even respect — share “funny” eCards about working hard to pay for lazy people’s iPhones, I think back to when I was on assistance and Level III bed rest. It stings. I will never lose that sting, and maybe that’s okay because I want to raise children who understand and respect the complex issues surrounding poverty and human beings.

Made By the Family Pants

  • Stop Giving It All or Nothing by Kristen at Dine & Dish. Alternate title: How Training for a Half Marathon Made Me Hate Running. Right? I think we all hit that point once (or twice… or more) during any given training season. I’ve hit mine and moved past it (I hope) with the Columbus Half, but I totally get it. I’m already looking forward to the end of November and all of December when running can just be for running’s sake again. You know, before the next training season begins.

What was the best thing you read this week?



What was the best thing you wrote this week?


I hope you’re having a great weekend. Soccer season starts into full swing with our first games tomorrow! Hooray!

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