Sunday Links: November 16, 2014

In the Clouds

Lots to share this week. A combination between #NaBloPoMo and people writing and sharing great things, my list of great reads is a bit long, but worth it. Please read and enjoy. (And, in one case, listen. And please do.)

The Shame of Baby Number Three: So much in this post spoke to me, for different reasons than the author shares (which, people, quit being so judgy!). This line: “Who gets to decide who is is worthy or “deserves” to have a baby?” Yes. That times eleventy billion.

It’s About Her: Why I Stopped Watching the NFL: I love this post for its honesty, for the discussion of the choices we make for our children and how that’s important.

Happiness Quote: Thoughts for Today: I love giving. So much. So this quote and the author’s thoughts around it made me nod.

Christmas Crazy, Vol. 6: It’s my favorite time of year: Christmas Crazy at Burgh Baby. I’ve already purchased two items off the wishlist and had them sent. I encourage you to read the post, think about these children, and donate if you can. If not, I encourage you to share this post. Thank you.

Who Wants to Know What I Learned at a Writer’s Conference?: I did. Thanks, Alexandra, for sharing those gems of knowledge.

What to Do About November: Goodness. Sometimes poetry is just what you need to make sense of what is going on and how on Earth you’re going to get through it. “Blink your tears…” Yep.

I’ll Throw My Voice Into the Stars: Yes. I love watching people day in and day out, seeing how they change. I love your face and your selfies on Instagram. Please share them.

Happy Tech: November 2014: This is my new desktop wallpaper. “And so she decided to start living the life she’d imagined.” Well, goodness. Yes.

Lastly, something important. My uncle arranged and recorded this version of “Amazing Grace” as a tribute to his mother, my grandmother, who passed away last week. Please take a moment to listen to it.

Thank you.

Did you read or write something great this week? I’d love to read it.


Sunday Links: November 9, 2014

The Farm, The Fall

It’s been a hard week. I managed to read a number of things, most of which were beautiful and hard and shades of in between as well. This week felt hard for everyone, I think. Here’s what I have to share with you this week.

Dancing in the Light During the Seasons When Darkness Abounds: “I want to keep dancing in the light.” I want to want that right now.

Brittany Maynard Didn’t Commit Suicide (What We Can Learn from 9-11’s “Falling Man”): “It seems disingenuous to force someone to choose between two ways of dying and then turn on them in judgement for picking the least painful of the two options.” Listen. I just watched both of my grandmothers die of cancer. Don’t argue with me that Brittany “committed a sin” or anything about suicide. She did what she felt she was capable of handling.

Confident Is Beautiful: “Perhaps we all need to smile as if Photoshop is going to fix whatever it is that bothers us. It’s when we let go and show our true selves that we are most beautiful.” I already shared this post earlier in the week after Grandma passed, but it needs sharing again. For so many reasons.

I Have a Spanky New Comment Policy and I’m Not Afraid to Use It: Way back when, I used to have a comment policy. I dropped it when Chronicles closed. I may reinstate, because this is my space. Be nice, people. Be nice.

Solitude: I love this image so much because it is the visualization of my right now. I am hurting. I so very alone. I am that tree in that field, the clouds all around with nothing near, no one to hold me close and tell me that these clouds will roll away, that this too shall pass. This is my season of solitude.

Fall: “We miss the dance. We miss the feeling of the constant movement that we had absolutely no control over. We miss the friends we made on the way, even as they lay next to us on the ground.” Holy moly, this piece is beautiful. I want it printed on some image of fall and twirling and light and love.

Why Our Child’s Open Adoption Isn’t Crazy for Our Family: If anything, IF ANYTHING, click through to this post just to view the most adorable pictures ever. THAT THREE PIECE SUIT, OMG.

Everything Changed Today: I’m Pregnant With Your Sibling, Ruby: I discovered this piece in a private Facebook group and knew I wanted to syndicate it on BlogHer. It’s moving and pulls at all the right heartstrings; it is well-written, and it it was an honor to pay this mother to share it on BlogHer. Please read it. (Tissue warning.)

Sorry We Woke You, But Your Daughter Threatened Suicide: Listen. My parents received a call of this nature. I am here today because of that call. Don’t be afraid to make the call.

How to Write a Sponsored Post That Your Readers & Your Client Will Love: I had to write this for work, and I’m really proud of the way it turned out. I do believe you can write sponsored, reviewed content in a balanced way in your own voice. I’m sure I made mistakes over the years in this area, and I may again, but I strive to follow the rules I set forth in this post. I hope the readers of this blog understand and appreciate the hard work I put into each of those sponsored posts; my readers are always in the forefront of my mind on such pieces.

Did you read or write anything amazing this week? I’m sorry if I missed it. I read in between bouts of being social with all of the family home for the memorial service and seeking out my introvert time in the basement bedroom, but I did not make it all the way through my feed reader yet. Please share some beauty with me if you have any to share.


My Pittsburgh 10 Miler Race Recap will be posted tomorrow.


Sunday Links: November 2, 2014

This Week

Goodness, I read a lot of good stuff this week. As a bonus, it’s now officially November. I’ve already subscribed to two new blogs because of NaBloPoMo and will continue to read posts and subscribe to new blogs all month long. I will share some of my favorites here with you on Sundays—as time allows. I have a race next Sunday. Sometimes I move link posts on race days. We’ll see!

Courage Today: I needed to read this today, now, in all that is going on for so many reasons, spoken and unspoken. I probably need to purchase some “courage” “today” bracelets. And maybe buy lots of them and hand them out to people who look like they need them at any given moment.

Self-Care for the Highly Sensitive Parent: Oh my goodness! Minus the fact that I do not homeschool, this is me. That said, I think I need to go back to waking up earlier than the boys. I think it would help my day start off right.

Trick or Treat: Minus the fact that my rural trick-or-treating looked different (it involved cars and coats and ten mile drives between houses), but oh yes, the present day stuff. I don’t know how many times I said, “Use your manners” to the boys during trick-or-treating. Interesting, isn’t it? The changes. Interesting.

Teamwork: This made me smile all the big smiles. Look at them go!

Why We Love Your Post, “Why We Hate All Your 13.1 Stickers”: I’m currently sporting a 26.2 and I don’t care if you hate it. Why? This: “We’re taught to show-and-tell as children. To be excited about something and project it. Then, we’re shamed for it as adults. If humans could stop shaming each other, life could be a far less miserable experience. For everyone.”

Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom: The writing in this piece is so exquisite. And true. And whoa. And everything.

The Ocean, Like Breathing (A Poem): The ocean is my place. My happy place, my breathing place, my everything place. So this poem hit all the feels in all the ways.

Talking to the Non-Adopted about Adoption: Lots of wisdom here. Read it and listen to the author’s advice: Listen.

Voices in My Head: Suz wrote this post in response to my Voices post. We also had some offline conversations about where the voices we hear come from, and she’ll be following up with another post soon. I look forward to reading it.

I’m especially excited to read all the new NaBloPoMo blog posts this week. Did you read anything great this week?


Sunday Links: October 26, 2014

This Week

Since I ran the Columbus Half Marathon last Sunday, I didn’t share the things I read last week. This week you get a double dose of awesome. Good times!

Shut Up and Write (Or: I Really Want to Be a Writer, But…): Oh. Goodness. Yeah. I should print this out and hang it over my desk. Or tattoo it on my arm. Or something. “Stop talking about writing. Stop reading about writing. Stop dreaming about writing. The thing that defines the writer is that the writer writes.” Oh dear. Right. Or, write…

A Bubble: Ugh, yes. After the problems our sons have had at school over the past few years, I’m feeling the pain in Allison’s words here. Mothering is hard, but it would be less so if the world would just grow up already.

Born Again: Goodness, the feeling that my depression and my anxiety are somehow an indicator of how I’m failing my faith are still so deeply ingrained within my being. I respect Carrie’s story because it shares shades of my own.

Amanda Bynes, Robin Williams, and the Spectacle of Mental Health: While I really try to stay away from tabloids and all things celebrity, I’ve read various things on the Internet that poke fun at Amanda Bynes as of late. This post says everything I have felt but couldn’t find voice to say because it hit too close, too hard. “If no one has explained this to you, let me be the first to say that it is morally repugnant that we, as a society, are mocking mentally ill people.” The Internet should tattoo THAT on their hands so they see it before they type something.

When Your Confidence Wanes: “Tell those voices in your head to be quiet and wait for the next wave of good.” What a perfect response to my recent post about the voices I am working to silence. Will do, Kristin.

As always, I love reading the things you write, so feel free to share them in the links.


Sunday Links, October 12, 2014

This Week

I subscribed to eight new blogs this week, some of which are newer bloggers in general. They have a zest for blogging that some of us “older” bloggers lost somewhere along the way. I think I’ll be looking for some new ones this week. Meanwhile, here’s some great stuff I read this week. Check it out.

4 Mistakes I Was Making on My About Page (and How to Fix Them): Reading this inspired me to fix my About page. I mean, I still haven’t done it, but I’m inspired.

When a Joke Isn’t Funny: Bomb Threat Causes Panic in Newtown: I can’t imagine the fear; I don’t want to ever have to. Read it and then think about why this post even needs to exist. Think.

What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up: Oh, hmm. What would I do? I’d probably write. And eat more butter.

I’m Not Impressed: A) I discovered this blog this week through random clicking on the Internet, one of my favorite things to do. I ended up first on this post, which spoke to me enough to click through and read all the things. B) The “I’m Not Impressed” post should be required reading for humanity. Because yes. C) The author of the blog, Carrie Hilgert, is also an extraordinary artist selling things on Etsy and amazing photographer. Basically, I’m telling you to check out this woman. I think she’s pretty awesome and I don’t even know her. Yet.

Can Christians Support Brittany Maynard’s Decision?: Oh man. When I read the piece this piece is referencing earlier this week, it didn’t sit quite right but I couldn’t put words as to why. This writer does, and I am thankful for the graceful, loving way she goes about saying it. I’m not always the most graceful, you know?

Breastfeeding and the Eucharist: Yep. I maybe sniffled near the end, because wow, what an amazing point, beautiful piece of writing, and OMG, RIGHT?!

The Dead Ball Century: Two things. A) I love baseball, so saying it’s dying makes me laugh. I mean, I’m a Pittsburgh Pirates fan and have been since birth. There was a 19 year streak in which it felt like baseball was dying or should be dying or OMG WHY CAN’T WE WIN. But it didn’t die. B) See? Everyone always says everything is dying. So the next time someone says blogging is dying, say, “When baseball dies, blogging can start to feel nervous.”

The Tunnel: Oh hey, this is so about my work at home experience… minus the fact that I only have a few local friends who save me and not a large group of people here and there and everywhere. Which is my fault because I don’t let anyone in, but still.

Snowfall, and the Silence of Pregnancy: This is a piece of mine published on Brain, Child Magazine this week. You guys. It’s a rework (and rework and work and rework) of a piece I wrote a while back on Chronicles. I love the title the editor gave it, and I love that I put myself back out there with an adoption piece.

Did you read something great this week? Did you write something great this week? I’d love to read it.


Sunday Links: October, 5, 2014

Oh Hey

You guys wrote all the amazing things this week.

No, I’m Not Pregnant; I’m Just Gaining Weight from the Pills: Originally posted on her blog and then featured on BlogHer, this post by Carrie is a must read about mental health, the way we speak to women about their bodies, and all things in between.

Sometimes I Get Angry: Uh, I sure hope my therapist doesn’t read this post, because she’ll take Glennon’s words and be all, “DID YOU READ THAT? DID YOU INTERNALIZE IT?” I’m bad at anger; I’ve internalized the message that women aren’t supposed to be angry. Maybe I should internalise this instead: “Maybe anger is like compassion, in that it can point us directly toward the place in the world we were born to help heal.” Maybe.

Mommy, Is It True Introverts Are Rude and Mean?: I loved this, especially as I’ve been told more than once that people assumed I was rude or snobby upon first meeting me. Nope, that was just me wanting to crawl under a rock rather than introduce myself. Of course, I’ll be super rude if you’re a jagoff, so just a heads up.

When It’s Divine to Mourn: Fall isn’t my mourning time, but I felt this piece deep in my bones. Yep. Maybe it’s fall for you, or winter like me, or spring or summer. Whenever it is, you are not alone, and it’s okay to be where you are when you need to be there.

Outrunning Fire: This broke my heart in a thousand pieces. We’re all carrying something with us, trying to outrun something, aren’t we?

Dodging Skittles and Other Fears: Wow. I haven’t read anything written as well as this in quite some time. I related to so much, too much. All the feelings.

Feminists Wear Pink: Yep. All of this. Times twelve.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go: My cousin Hannah is heading out on a travel section of her semester abroad; I’m so excited for her!

It’s Like They Know Us: OH MY LOLZ. After reading some of the heavier stuff above, click on this and laugh all the laughs. I subscribed.

Did you read or write something amazing this week? I’d love to read it!


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