The ins and outs of parenting, either in a general sense or the parent of any of the sub-categories: cloth diapering, babywearing, breastfeeding. I’m sure more will come as well.

A Look at the Future

A Look at the Future

Posted By on May 5, 2015

On the way home from baseball practice yesterday, the boys stared at the sky. When we left the field, the sky hung dark and heavy. The boys, recently infatuated with the weather app on my old phone, have been waiting for a predicted thunderstorm to actually arrive.… Read More
Both boys are present in that picture. We hung out at home on Sunday, enjoying the warmer weather and sunshine. I walked around the front and back yard barefoot, looking at the growth on plants and my weeping cherry tree, while the boys played ball and swords and all variety of games.… Read More
Every spring, shortly after Little League starts, the ice cream shop in the City Park opens. It’s one of the highlights of the season. It’s filled with hard dip ice cream in tons of flavors, milkshakes galore, and other yummy treats.… Read More
Last week the rain came down. And down. And down. And the creek went up. And up. And up. Every night after dinner, the boys asked if we could take a walk out the country road and down the big hill to see how deep the water was that day.… Read More
Sometimes the boys get me on a weak day and I end up at the checkout counter with a totally unnecessary purchase. Like today’s Magic 8 Ball. I said yes, because, well, I kinda wanted it too. The boys nearly skipped out of the store, so filled with glee.… Read More
It Already Matters

It Already Matters

Posted By on Apr 7, 2015

Just when you wonder if you’re doing parenting wrong, when you worry that every choice is the wrong one, something happens to alleviate all that worry, all that fear, all that self-doubt. Sometimes it’s as simple as a kiss or a hug.… Read More