The ins and outs of parenting, either in a general sense or the parent of any of the sub-categories: cloth diapering, babywearing, breastfeeding. I’m sure more will come as well.

And, exhale. The long school year is over. We The boys survived third and first grades. No, unscratch that. We survived. These two started out the day as first and third graders, and now they are second and fourth graders. It’s going to be a great, great summer.… Read More
Between birthday celebrations, baseball, moving the chickens into their coop, baseball, Friday pizza, baseball, birthday parties, fishing, rain, relaxing, two Fun Days at school, a very Monday-ish Monday, more rain, and more baseball, this week feels blurry. It’s weird to look back through the photos over the week and think simultaneously, “Wow, this was a long week.… Read More
What I Want for Mother’s Day

What I Want for Mother’s Day

Posted By on May 8, 2015

To sit quietly on the front porch, sun setting in front of us and darkening skies passing above. Or, in all reality, to sit surrounded by three voices talking over one another, a cacophony of sibling timbre and volume. To sit with three beside me, around me, too close and touching on a too hot day.… Read More
When our Bradford Pear fell down two years ago, the boys felt devastated. The tree provided hours of entertainment, from climbing to hiding to a place to read. While they’ve found a new place to build a fort, the lack of a tree still has them down.… Read More