Fall is here! You know how I know? ZUCCHINI. I love zucchini. It’s one of those vegetables you can use to make eleventy bagillion things. Plus, it usually grows to be ginormous, so you can make all those things out of just ONE zucchini.… Read More
Summer means sunshine, barbeques, and “bring a dish.” If people want me to bring a dip, I bring Buffalo Chicken Dip. Because buffalo sauce. If I’m asked to bring a salad, I lean toward “weird” ones, like ramen salads. And if the hosts request a dessert, I panic.… Read More
Do you know what my favorite thing about get togethers is? Summer, spring, winter, fall? Dips. I adore dips. Sweet dips, savory dips, sweet-and-savory dips. Dips for chips. Dips for fruit. Dips for pretzels and cookies and, well, spoons. Basically, I could eat an entire course of just dips.… Read More
What I Wore Sunday, March 3, 2013… …meets 17 Days of Green, Day 3 On Instagram || On Flickr Green Dress: Coach Tour Dress by ModCloth Black patterned tights Black flats: Kmart Black cardigan: Maurices Black stud earrings Green nail polishes: Maybelline Color Show Avante Green with Revlon Rain Forest on ring fingers I adore that dress.… Read More

Weekly Favorites: March 27, 2011

Posted By on Mar 27, 2011

I have missed two weeks of Weekly Favorites posts. March has been one of those months in which the weeks have sped by, leaving me to suddenly find myself on Sunday evening ready to start over again. To be fair, two weeks ago it was the Internet’s fault I couldn’t post.… Read More