Little Feet

Little Feet

These little feet belong to my eldest nephew. They’re very busy little feet. He’s almost two-and-a-half years old, and oh, he’s a busy little dude and adorable to boot.

Another pair of itty-bitty baby boy feet will join his soon, making us an aunt and uncle again—giving our boys yet another boy cousin. I’ll have another baby to cuddle and snuggle, to hold close and sniff.

We’re so excited; we can hardly wait. I’m sure the baby’s mama feels the same way!


Family Portrait, 2014

Family Pic, 2014

No bribery this year.

“We’re going to take our family pictures today.”


Everyone got ready in the clothes I laid out for them, carefully selected over a few weeks as I collected random pieces and put them together. Once ready, everyone tromped outside, did exactly what I said, and in less than 10 minutes, we were back inside, slipping into comfy clothes.

When BurghBaby took photos of my parents’ family with my late Grandmother earlier that same month, she commented on how well my boys behave for the camera. They do. I’ve trained them well, you see. It’s changed over the years. The only bribery they require nowadays is the promise that I’ll let them take a funny picture or two once we’re all done. And I do.

This photo already hangs framed on our photo wall. I’m going to love looking at it—at my family—for the next year.


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