Weekly Favorites: March 6, 2011

There is snow on the ground today. I am not pleased. I do love snow; I really do. But by March, I’m done. Done! And so, in a futile attempt to ignore the weather, I bring you my Weekly Favorites. Sorting back through things today made me smile, which is more than the weather did.

Recipes That Made My Mouth Water:

Fire/EMS Blog Posts That I Particularly Enjoyed or Think You Should Read:

Photo Blog Posts that Inspired Me:

  • We Had Snow by Barbara at Among the Saguaros. Okay, I started out this post whining about snow, but these photos just made my jaw drop. If you’ve never seen snow in the desert or on cactii, you have to read/look at this post. Awe inspiring.
  • My Camera, I Miss It by Yvonne at Joy, Unexpected. The pictures are lovely, but I share this with you to go tell Yvonne to take more pictures, computer woes be damned. Because she’s awesome and I want to see more lovely pictures.

My Absolute Favorites This Week:

  • The Best Part of Wakin’ Up by Calliope at Creating Motherhood. I laughed. But only because the piece is such a real part of motherhood. Good stuff.
  • It’s Your Blog, And You Can Post How You Want To by Crissy at Dear Crissy. True! I’m tired of the “you’re not a good blogger if you do this or don’t do this or blah blah blah.” Which totally plays into Carly’s post, Cowardly, Lazy or Just Getting Old? She is questioning how she censors herself and the reasons behind it and seeking courage to say what she really wants to. So read Crissy’s post, then go tell Carly she can blog how she wants to. This is a double post entry because they fit together so well.
  • Everything Happens for a Reason… sort of by Kim at Arizona Writer. I also hate that placating cliche. But I believe that Kim wrote this post for a reason. It resonated with me. And it will probably resonate with you. So read it.
  • She Would Have Missed This by Burgh Baby. Why yes, I have Burgh Baby twice on my list in one week. Read this post and you’ll completely understand why.
  • Stuck Between Hip and Hip Fracture by Christina at A Mommy Story. While shopping, Christina was told to go to a different section. No, really. Sigh.
  • Unabashed by Ivory at The Trivial Pursuit of Happiness. In a post that I think many people who have been labeled as a mommy blogger — willingly or otherwise — can understand on many different levels, Ivory lets us know that she is part of the Listen To Your Mother Spokane cast. I kind of want to fly out and see her. Like, badly. If you are not reading this amazing woman, you should be.

Just One Photo from This Week:

Mmm, Tulips
These brought joy this week.

Sorry this post is so late today. I was working on it this morning before the soccer game. LittleBrother didn’t get to play and stayed home because he was sick. After the game, he was having difficulty breathing and ended up in the ER. He is fine now after some steroids and is home sleeping. It will likely be a long night and a long couple of days. Keep us in your thoughts… especially my little Booey.

Weekly Favorites: February 27, 2011

The sun is shining and it will hit 55 degrees today. I feel like I should be wearing flip flops. Not really. But really. Instead, I might just wear my rainboots and hit the gym after soccer. Not because I am hardcore. I just really want to eat the first recipe below for dinner. I’m pretty sure it requires a pre-and-post workout.

Recipes That Made My Mouth Water:

Fire/EMS Blog Posts That I Particularly Enjoyed or Think You Should Read:

  • What Gives by Sarah at Scriberson 365. Just in case you wondered what it looks like when a fire spouse endures a 48 alone. My house definitely looked like this yesterday evening before I whipped it into shape before bed. Glad someone else in the fire family could be honest about it!
  • Black Helmet Giveaway by Hydrantgirl. Black Helmet Apparel is the only company FireDad really likes for fire service t-shirts. Because they’re not corny. I swear I entered, even though it seems as though comments haven’t been approved yet. You should go enter. For me? Sure! Thanks!
  • Several Videos of FDNY in Action This Past Week by Rhett at The Fire Critic. A post about the Newsworking channel on YouTube which features coverage of FDNY in action. I subscribed to the channel. You should too!

Photo Blog Posts that Inspired Me:

  • Camp Shuttersisters at Shutter Sisters. Man. The amazing women behind Shutter Sisters, one of my favorite sites, are sponsoring a photography camp/getaway/awesome event. It’s being held in October in California. Registration opens soon, but I’m pretty sure I can’t swing two trips to California in one year. I’m sad, but I had to share it with my readers. Someone needs to go for me!
  • Tamron Contest at MCP Actions. A Tamron lens giveaway. ‘Nuff said.
  • Wild Free by Michelle Black at Light Traces. Another inspirational post with a beautiful photo. I didn’t include it just because she used a picture she took in our favorite vacation spot — Emerald Isle, NC — but that didn’t hurt.

My Absolute Favorites This Week:

  • On the Women Who Don’t Survive Postpartum Depression by Katherine Stone at Postpartum Progress. Simply a must-read about PPD. I adore Katherine for all the work she does regarding the topic and fight, and this is one that needed to be written — and read.
  • Letters to Miss Britt: How Do You Find the Time to Write on Multiple Blogs by Britt Reints at Mom Blog Magazine. I love how Britt puts multi-blogging in context. Sure, you may have just gotten some Amazing Gig, but if you ignore your own blog — your original platform — you’re missing out. Good perspective for myself and my other blogger/writer friends.
  • Finding a Smile Underneath by Morningside Mom. I love her perspective in this post. There are lots of little things that are or go wrong during a day or week or any given period of time. But I like her point that things are basically good as well. Plus, Ani!
  • Words Are Power by Texasebeth at My life, such as it is. Mmm. I’m on the flip side of this, but I have been learning — so much. Words have power, and even kids know it.
  • Blast from the Past by Jamie at Grumbles and Grunts. I just found her blog and subscribed immediately. I swear it wasn’t just because on her “about” page she has a photo of herself with her nose pierced (like me). It was because of this post, about a Shel Silverstein book, her photography, she’s going to BlogHer ’11 and generally seems kinda awesome. Start here and explore her archives.

A Few of My Favorite Photos This Week:

Bed Head

LittleBrother needs a haircut. He wakes up with Green Day hair.

Natural Lace

I still don’t know how this happens.

Monster Cupcakes

My friend’s son turned four. The Monster Cupcakes were a hit with my boys.

I also enjoyed both of the self-portraits (1, 2) that I took for Picture Inspiration this week. They’re both at my photoblog.

Hopefully this week is a good one. Last week was busy — and snowy — and I’m looking forward to warmer temperatures even if it does mean rain, rain and more rain. I’m telling you, spring isn’t far off. I mean, really, it’s about 22 days away. But sooner would be better. Right? Quite honestly, I’m ready to say goodbye to February. Funny how the shortest month of the year is quite honestly the worst.

Weekly Favorites: February 20, 2011

February 20th?! Apparently 2011 is going to be another one of those years that simply flies by. I’m behind on reading again. This was a heavy deadline week. But really? February 20? Wow!

Recipes That Made My Mouth Water:

Fire/EMS Blog Posts That I Particularly Enjoyed or Think You Should Read:

  • I Got a Job by Hydrantgirl. Go give her some congratulations for landing a full time paramedic position. Also, give her high fives for saying “holy snotsticks.” HIGH FIVE!
  • The Visit We Hope We Never Receive by Trina at Too Hot to Handle. A post about the LODD of Firefighter Glenn L. Allen and how news of such things sends a chill down the spine of fire wives all over the world.
  • I Am Recruiting by Just Me at Just My Blog. In short, the youngest child of The Happy Medic is in the ICU. If you’d like to get send something to the family, see the post referenced for ideas and how to’s. See also This post at Pink Warm and Dry for a definition of family if you don’t quite understand why we’re rallying around this family.

Photo Blog Posts That Inspired Me:

  • 46/365 by Cynthia at Freezing memories, one day at a time. Not only are the photos of her son so darn cute, but the story… well, it made me all weepy. Read it.
  • List #15: 7 Things To Do When You Need to Add Good To Your Day by Karen Walrond at Chookooloonks. I think, with snow in the forecast again this week despite the fact that I have lily sprouts through the ground, I’m going to take Karen’s advice. Great post.

My Absolute Favorites of the Week:

  • Bird Count and Self Promotion (Plus Pretty Pictures!) by Kim at Arizona Writer. As a photographer who devotes a large amount of time to stalking birds, I have always admired Kim’s work. This post? I love. Lots. The Yellow-Headed Blackbirds photo? I want. Badly.
  • Photographic Darkness by Casey at Moosh in Indy. Just read it. There are also very few pictures of me during any time that I struggled with depression, postpartum, pregnancy or otherwise. Really, this post is a must read.
  • Making It Work: Traveling While Lactating by Jory Des Jardins at From Here to Autonomy. Any mother who has traveled and pumped (or pumped ever) will appreciate the humorous honesty in this post. Keep it up, Jory.
  • Ann Landers by Loralee Choate at Loarelee’s Looneytunes. I don’t know why we continue to submit ourself to the stupid that is Ann Landers’ column, but I love Loralee’s rant. In addition to that, the truth remains that I really wouldn’t be in the place where I am today if it wasn’t for my blog(s). I have been challenged, been helped and been encouraged by others willing to comment, share, push and love me through my darkest of times. Good rant. Lesson: Ignore Ann Landers.
  • Behaving Badly by Christina at A Mommy Story. Her post is a beautiful finger-pointing at some things that have been driving me crazy as of late as well. I like this paragraph:

    Our society is teetering towards a loss of all civility. It’s like people are rebelling from the politically correct atmosphere of the last decade and swinging to the polar opposite. Maybe all of the power of anonymity on the internet is spilling over into our day-to-day behavior? (Note to offenders: when you act like an internet troll to the people in your community, we actually know who you are. And then don’t like you.)

A Few of My Favorite Photos This Week:

I took a lot of photos this week and it was a hard decision for me.

Waiting, Watching
We took the boys bowling. Loved it!

February Lily Sprouts
Yes, those are lily sprouts. In February. Not a crazy great picture, but a crazy awesome thing.

February Geocaching
I love the texture nature gave to this photo. I can almost feel it.

I am so excited for what this week holds. I’m dealing with some stuff as well, but I just have this level of Kool-Aid Man “OH YEAH!” for this week. I hope you can find some of that in your upcoming week as well.

Weekly Favorites: February 13, 2011

I’m desperately behind in my blog reading this week. It was one of those super busy, deadline filled, crazy weeks that flew by, and before I knew it Sunday morning was upon me. If I missed something amazing you wrote this week, please let me know.  Now onto the favorites that I did get to read this week.

Recipes That Made My Mouth Water:

Fire/EMS Blog Posts That I Particularly Enjoyed or Think You Should Read:

  • At the sharp end and its follow-up, At the sharp end II by Kal at Trauma Queen. First off, these are both intense posts that made my stomach lurch for a fellow blogger and friend. Secondly, these two posts are evidence of crazy amazing writing — not just within the fire/EMS blog niche but in general. This? Is good writing. Read it. It’s the best fire/EMS post/series this week.

Photo Blog Posts That Inspired Me

  • A Taste of Spring by Sarah at One Starry Night. While Sarah isn’t solely a photo blogger, she is an amazing photographer. This post made me long for spring which, I’m hoping, is right around the corner.
  • Overcoming Fears | Foundation Workshop 9 by Mary at Birchtree Photography. Not only are the photos that she shared moving and amazing, but the words she shared about fears and photography are inspiring.

Books I’ve Read/Book Posts I Liked:

My Ultimate Favorites of the Week:

  • Dear Author by Sassymonkey at Sassymonkey Reads. If you missed the drama created by author Sylvia Massara, you are out of luck. The author bashed “unprofessional reviewers,” which created a crazy amount of comments from bloggers all over the web — book or otherwise. But then the author deleted all of those comments. You’d think author’s would know to “own their words.” All the same, I enjoyed Sassymonkey’s letter.
  • Parenting. Try It Some Time by Lindsay at Suburban Turmoil. Considering I’m one of those pesky, interfering, opinionated parents, I wanted to give her a standing ovation at the end of her post.
  • How to Make Flubber, Glurch and Other Fun Art Supplies at Home at Ohdeeoh. A bunch of links to the recipes for all those fun things (including chalk! and watercolor paint!) all in one place. Definitely bookmark this one.
  • Alternately titled How Jenna doesn’t really want the Steelers to Win Super Bowl XLV by my mean friend Heather at Domestic Extraordinaire. (She’s not really mean. Promise.) It was funnier before the Steelers dropped the ball — literally and repeatedly. Then it was sad. It’s back to being funny now. But I promise you: We are not now nor will we ever be Browns fans. Ick!
  • Love Thursday Bonus: Simple Photo Valentine’s Day Card for Kids by Karen at Chookooloonks. Still trying to figure out what to do for your kid’s Valentine’s Day cards? Know your way around a camera and a printer? Get to work!

A Few of My Favorite Photos This Week:

Magnolia Buds
Not technically great photos, but, OH! Spring is coming! Magnolia buds!

Detailed Bird
In love with this one. The detail in his eye made me swoon. Flickr sharpened it a bit on upload, but it still resides in my Project 365 Favorites set.

Black and White Train Tracks
Snapped this from the passenger window as we whizzed by on our Date Day.

Hopefully I can keep up with my feed reader this week. I feel awful knowing that I likely missed some great stuff from some great people. As such, if you wrote something amazing or read something great from another blogger, please feel free to leave me a link. I promise to make time and read it!

Weekly Favorites: February 6, 2011

HAPPY SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! OMG! GO STEELERS! That said, I know that not everyone is a) a football fan, b) cares about either the Steelers or the Packers and c) might be looking for something to do/read today. I have chosen my favorites from this week as well and added a few other categories. Enjoy! GO STEELERS!

Recipes That Made My Mouth Water

  • Meatball Subs with Caramelized Onions by Deb at Smitten Kitchen. Looks stunning.
  • Tortilla de (sweet) Patatas by Joanne at Eats Well with Others. I’m not really sure I can make that, but it seems like something we’d love.
  • Sesame Soba Noodles by Annie at Annie’s Eats. Uh, yes please. That looks so good.
  • Four Cheese Macaroni and Cheese by Sarah at One Starry Night. I’m not 100% certain BigBrother will eat it, but LittleBrother will. And so will I. It’s on the list!
  • Super Bowl Party Recipes by Amy at Living Locurto. If you’re looking for last minute things, this is a good, quick resource. You really might have quite a few of these things already in your house so you won’t have to go out!

Books I’ve Read/Book Posts I Liked

Fire/EMS Blog Posts That I Particularly Enjoyed or Think You Should Read:

Photo Blog Posts That Inspired Me:

  • Ice Storm by Heather at Kinder.Better.Braver. Heather posts more than just photos on her blog, but this post was so beautiful despite my hatred of ice.
  • My post about flickr’s accidental account deletion at BlogHer. No photos, but it should inspire you to backup your photos. Immediately. (I’m using QOOP.) Additionally, flickr did eventually restore his account and gave him a 25 year pro account ($625).

My Ultimate Favorites of the Week

  • A Frozen Moment by Burgh Baby. I was there, with her, in that moment — because her writing was amazing. The writing is phenomenal; it follows the directions of my old creative writing teacher, “Show, don’t tell.” It’s also just a beautiful note of childhood wonder and winter. (PS: She updated her layout. Looks lovely. Go see!)
  • Taking Time for Yourself by Sara at Family Organic. I was totally nodding along as I read. It’s so important to take care of yourself — as a person — so you can best take care of the people and stuff in your life.
  • On Being Round by Dawn at This Woman’s Work. I’d say something about this post, but she says it best herself:

    I am often surprised when people argue with me about this like its controversial for all kinds of people to love and accept themselves. There are people who are so worried about their daughter’s bodies that they forget their daughter’s hearts and souls. They don’t seem to understand that shame and the demonstration of shame is harmful. Sure, it might keep your daughter skinny but at what cost? These are people who say, “But what about the obesity epidemic???” If you are one of those people I encourage you to read Real Kids Come in All Sizes.

  • Celebrate Winter by Renee at FIMBY (Fun In My Backyard). I love this post because her point, “enjoying winter is a choice,” is one I need to be reminding myself of as of late. I tweeted about Too Much Togetherness causing us to all to spontaneously combust earlier this week. I think I need to reevaluate a few things. (But Spring, please hurry.)
  • BlogHer CEO Lisa Stone teamed up with Cloris Leachman to make fun of GoDaddy commercials. I loved it. The truth is that the GoDaddy commercials are beyond ridiculous (and GoDaddy stinks). I love the fun they poke at the commercials. It makes me happy to be part of BlogHer. I’d embed it but Cloris uses language that will make my mother-in-law smack me. So just go view it at BlogHer, okay? (Except for you, Kathy.)

Two of My Favorite Photos this Week:

Frosty Morning
Frosty morning sunrise. Made it to my Project 365 Favorites set.

Look at the Sky
Look at the sky! Blown out, but I love the feel.

Also, I’ve fixed a javascript issue on the blog that should now make it much easier to view — with pictures and all — via Microsoft Internet Explorer. Of course, you’d do yourself some good switching to Firefox — or Rockmelt or anything for that matter — but everything should load relatively timely now.

Lastly: Please link me to your favorites this week as well. I’m always trying to expand what I read an am exposed to each week.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! GO STEELERS!