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One week, they’re lost in the land of swords and long shadows and hide and seek between the trees and dog chasing and what summer should be when you’re five- and seven-years-old. And then, with an open house or two, a goodnight and a wake up, it’s back to the grind.… Read More
Dear LittleBrother, Kindergarten. Kindergarten? Whatever. Not true. You were just born. Like yesterday. Like five minutes ago. Okay, maybe not. Today you headed off to Kindergarten, ready to face the new — the new school, the new teachers, the new friends, the new playground, the new routines, the new of it all.… Read More
I’m Not Good at This

I’m Not Good at This

Posted By on Aug 16, 2013

I’ve wanted to smash everything. All day. I’ve been on edge and angsty. Despite a lovely coffee break with friends this morning, I left feeling lonely, lost inside myself. Even when my husband bent to kiss me when he returned from running errands, I didn’t feel like I deserved kisses or love or the presence of everyone.… Read More
Rumor has it that school starts in five days. Or something. I’m totally not paying attention because I’m in denial and desperately wanting to cling to summer (minus the hot temperatures) for as long as possible. Also, there’s that thing where my baby is heading off to Kindergarten and, yes, I may be overcome with all of the emotions.… Read More
Last month, I bragged on Twitter that I was so proactive, so organized, so Supermom, that I snagged the first Kindergarten registration slot for LittleBrother. Last night the reality finally sunk in that I actually had to take my baby to register him for Kindergarten.… Read More