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We Cheer (& Color) the Black & Gold

We Cheer (& Color) the Black & Gold

Posted By on Jun 12, 2009

Tonight the Pittsburgh Penguins will play the Detroit Redwings (BOO) in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. What’s that mean (you know, for my non-sports-loving readers)? It’s an all-or-nothing, do-or-die, winner-takes-all kind of game. (Hockey, people, hockey.) The winner of tonight’s game gets to take home the (sexy) Stanley Cup and retains bragging rights for a full year.… Read More

Fears of a Fire Wife

Posted By on Apr 7, 2009

Every third day, FireDad’s alarm goes off at some awful and early hour. He presses snooze too many times and annoys me. Then he showers, gets dressed, gives me a kiss (which I sometimes do not remember when BigBrother wakes me up an hour or so later) and heads out the door to the fire department.… Read More
We had a fabulous trip. The good news is that the crowd was not rowdy. In fact, as FireDad and I were discussing it, in our four years of attending the St. Patrick’s Day weekend festivities in Pittsburgh, we’ve only witnessed one fight.… Read More
It is finally upon us: the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day. FireDad and I look forward to this weekend all year long. While the rest of the world plays into the commercialization of Valentine’s Day, we merely send each other an e-card and save our dollars for this weekend.… Read More
I cried. I’ll admit it. I cried. A friend of mine just called me a doofus but, come on, I bleed black and gold. The game was hard fought. The Ravens put up a good fight. But, in the end, the Steelers pulled it off.… Read More